Can you refurbish my frames and lenses?

Refurbish your frames. Ship any pair of David Kind's to us (just cover the shipping here) and for $145 we will replace your lenses (+$80 progressives, +$50 transitions, etc).

-Send us your new Rx via email or include in the box

-Our experienced opticians will refurbish (adjust, polish, tighten, etc) your frames.

‚Äč-We will pay return shipping to you.

We can only make lenses for non-expired Rx's. To check if the Rx we have on file is still valid, please contact us: or 800-995-2032

Address to ship your glasses:

David Kind Refurbish
658 Venice Blvd, Unit 2046
Venice, CA 90291

Place your refurbish order here.

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