How do I get a Rx for glasses?

If you have a prescription on file with your eye doctor, we are happy to call to retrieve it on your behalf. Please ask your optician by giving us a call or emailing

Zocdoc is a simple way to find an OD and schedule an eye exam appt, all online! Cost of an exam can vary, so we suggest calling before you go.

After your exam you may ask the receptionist to fax your Rx to us: 1-800-995-2032. Please ask your doctor to include your pupil distance (PD). If they are not able to take your PD, we can easily obtain it using our patented photo measurement process during your home try-on.

Eyeglass prescriptions expire after two years. If it has been more than 2 years since you have had your eyes examined please make an appointment to visit your eyecare professional. We are unable to fill an expired Rx.

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